Beacon  Training


Training can be integrated into a wider package of work delivered by Beacon Partnership. This could include training on how to create and interpret financial appraisals as part of training on the use of Optimix or to help embed new policies and procedures developed by Beacon Partnership.

In addition to the specific training provided for the use of Optimix, we can provide training on a variety of topics, including:

  • The development process
  • How to carry out financial appraisals of a development scheme
  • The factors underpinning financial viability

Free training events

Introduction to Excel (Basic)

10am to 12pm

This on-line session is for people that are new to excel or are not confident in using excel for basic tasks. By the end of the session attendees should understand how to enter information into existing excel models and create their own basic spreadsheets.

This session is free to attend if you work for a Council or Registered Provider that uses Optimix. It is open to all employees including those working in all departments. We will issue a certificate to those that attend and we are looking to register the session for CPD points.

The session is 2 hours and will cover the following.

  • Opening and closing workbooks
  • Excel Screen layout (worksheets, cells, ribbons, scroll bars)
  • Entering Data
  • Basic Formulae (add, subtract, multiply, divide, average, minimum, maximum, sumproduct)
  • Formatting cells, text, adding comments
  • Copying formulae, freezing cell references
  • Freeze pains / viewing options
  • Adding and removing protection
  • Charts
  • Hide/Unhide cells and sheets
  • Printing, page layout, print area, fit to page

Depending on numbers we intend to run this course once a quarter and we will introduce a free follow up intermediate course if attendees want to go into further depth.

Optimix – Basic Introduction

These sessions are for people that are new to Optimix. The session covers inputting schemes and analysing performance of schemes and individual unit types. The session will include an overview of assumptions, finacnial hurdles and reporting.

Optimix – Intermediate

These sessions are for people that can already input a basic scheme but want to learn about more advanced features. The session will cover using Optimix for stock transfers, incorporating rent loss from demolition, adjusting cashflows for income strips and/or taxation. It will also cover importing old appraisals and creating bespoke input and output sheets

Optimix – Consolidator

This session covers consolidations of schemes and phases using the Optimix Consolidator. It will cover reporting on monthly/annual spend, completions, programme viability and importing into HRA and RP business plans.

Building a basic viability model

In this fast paced session we will build a basic rented viability model from scratch in excel and explain how the model is put together. By the end of the session attendees should understand the inputs and assumptions that feed into a viability model and how they combine to produce and calculate loan calculations and net present value.

Building Shared Ownership Appraisals

Dates tbc

Feedback and testimonials from previous training sessions