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Optimix is a scheme appraisal toolkit that can be used to assess the financial viability of development projects. Optimix analyses scheme information you input and produces reports that can be used to examine the forecast financial performance of your investment, helping you determine which scenarios achieve your overall goals.

The toolkit is extremely flexible. You can take a range of approaches depending on the stage of your project and the level of detail required – from inputting detailed costs and scheme information to using estimates and percentage allowances. The Optimix Consolidator is an optional bolt-on that lets you combine finances and project details from a number of different Optimix appraisals and assess their combined viability.

You can use Information from Optimix to analyse a range of scenarios, establish whether projects are viable, where there may be scope for value engineering and also to determine optimal scheme mix and funding routes.

Optimix screens

Optimix – Appraisal Toolkit

Optimix is an Excel-based financial viability toolkit used to assess the financial performance of development projects, producing the following outputs:

  • Multi-tenure modelling
  • Unit level viability outputs
  • Sensitivity analysis
  • Stock transfer modelling
  • Rent calculations for all tenures
  • Income loss due to demolition

This user-friendly intuitive toolkit offers the following functionality:

  • Instant results on all key screens
  • Clear standard and bespoke reports
  • Transparent calculations
  • Flexibility and overrides to ensure it works for you
  • Internal audit checks
  • Reliability demonstrated by the large sector wide user group

The toolkit can be used for early stage high level scheme appraisal through to the more detailed project management of the scheme.

Optimix – Consolidation Tool

The Optimix Consolidator is a programme-level consolidation tool that allows detailed analysis of large, phased developments and development programmes. It works seamlessly with the Optimix appraisal toolkit with a simple import function, allowing you to combine up to 500 development schemes and view consolidated outputs and cashflows. Users can view development spend projections on a yearly or monthly basis and turn schemes on and off with a single click to understand their impact on the overall programme.


The tool offers the current outputs:

  • Consolidation summary reporting overall consolidated results
  • Scheme summary showing detailed information for all component scheme appraisals
  • Tenure report breaking down consolidated results by tenure
  • Unit schedule for the consolidation
  • Cashflow report that can be filtered by scheme and by tenure
  • Programme timeline showing forecast starts, completions and sales
  • Sensitivities combined from scheme level

How Optimix Works