Benchmarking Construction for London

The social housing sector is experiencing large fluctuations in construction costs. To help understand and monitor this Beacon Partnership and Calfordseaden have set up a benchmarking subscription service for Local Authorities and Registered Providers. This anonymously collects and analyses members’ new-build tenders received each quarter and provides a report on works cost to the members.

Why use it?

Members get a quarterly report and a members’ meeting which will detail the construction cost experienced over the last 3 months across the capital. The data helps members to:

  • Understand how their construction cost compares to other local providers
  • Understand the average work cost per m2 for various building types
  • Estimate construction costs on pipeline schemes
  • See trends in construction costs over time as the subscription progresses

For further information or to sign up, please contact Steve Beard. You can give us a call on 020 3066 1061 or send an email to

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