Interim Consultancy

Work With Us

Beacon is keen to welcome new people to our network of associates, working for some of the best clients in London and beyond.

Beacon clients maximise the supply and quality of new and existing affordable housing, address fire safety in design and asset management, and ensure current and future residents have better, safer homes.

Beacon checks every client request for services carefully to ensure we understand the type of work and expertise required, as well as the working environment.

We seek to offer our associates opportunities that match their interests and skills – good for you and good for our clients too.

We seek to be a quality consultancy with a good reputation, one that is trusted and respected for the services it provides.

We support our associates with:

  • a managing partner on every contract – someone you can discuss your projects with
  • use of Beacon resources such as Optimix – ensuring you have what you need to deliver
  • prompt payment – because your services are valued

You can see examples of interim consultancy services on our ‘Interim Consultancy Staff’ page

Would you like to work for Beacon Partnership?

Please send your CV to Steve Beard and let us know your offer and aspirations.

We have opportunities to provide services in:

  • Development
  • Regeneration
  • Asset Management
  • Corporate Finance